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I'm on a tight budget... Can I still find cheap lighting for my bathroom that I'll love?

Lighting is an important part of your bathroom design and shouldn’t be considered as an afterthought to your overall design. If you’re working on a tight budget, then it’s well worth accounting for the cost of installing lighting when figuring out how much you have to spend.

Finding the right style of lights for your space, whilst staying within a budget, doesn’t necessarily mean scrimping on style or quality. But, while saving money on the initial cost of your fittings is important, there are a number of other things you can do to continue saving money long after your bathroom remodel is complete.

Wall-fixed and recessed lights

Most bathrooms will benefit from a layered lighting scheme, which will not only sufficiently illuminate the space but also provide ample light to support whatever you do in this room. Ceiling lights, which are typically recessed into the ceiling, are a popular choice, look great and can be fitted anywhere in the bathroom – perfect for over the bath or shower.

Our halogen and LED shower lights are made from die-cast aluminium so they won’t rust, despite being exposed to steam and moisture. You can pick up these halogen shower lights or check out our LED shower lights if you are looking for a long-lasting lighting solution for your bathroom which will not break the bank.

Wall lights are perfect for small spaces and for providing additional task lighting; they can be fitted at either side of your mirror – particularly when used in addition to recessed ceiling lights. Additionally, wall lights can create ambience and mood lighting if you need a long soak in the bath, without having the glare of a bright light.

Some stylish wall lights can add a touch of class to any modern bathroom and you don’t need to compromise on quality just because you don’t have deep pockets. Our versatile hotel circular lights can point either up or down and add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Installation costs

From a practical perspective, installing your lighting as part of the remodel is much kinder to your budget than to fit it once the bathroom is complete. It’s recommended to consider what type of lighting you’ll need in your space during your initial planning stages. Whatever your budget, it’s important to invest in quality, as cheap light fittings can be dangerous or may end up costing you more in the long run.

Be design savvy

Before you choose any lighting for your bathroom, you can save yourself from unnecessary expenditure simply by purchasing the number of lights you really need. It might seem obvious, but randomly guessing the number of lights you’ll need for the space will more likely result in buying too many. This is a common problem with down lights, in that many people have a tendency to buy too many, expecting better illumination. However, as the light from recessed ceiling lights is focused directly downwards, no light is reflected on the walls or vertical surfaces – in this case then, more lights doesn’t necessarily mean better lighting.

Not only will this impact your upfront and installation costs, but it will cost you more to run without gaining any of the benefits of extra lights. By planning what type of lights you’ll need to fit in the different zones in your bathroom, you can make an informed decision on how many lights you’ll need to buy and install. Careful planning and smart decisions can go a long way to keeping you within budget, whilst also getting the right light for the space.

Be energy-efficient

One of the best ways to save money on your bathroom lighting is to invest in energy-efficient lights. The key to cutting costs is not always down to the upfront cost of items. This is certainly the case with lighting – with energy prices ever on the increase, energy-efficient alternatives to incandescent and halogen bulbs are a cost-effective solution.

Energy-efficient lights, such as LED bulbs, can significantly reduce your energy bills and typically last several years longer than their halogen equivalents, which are known to burn out quickly and need replacing at further cost.

You can read more about the benefits of LED bulbs in our article here.

There are lots of cost-effective lighting solutions on the market, but it’s important to invest in quality fittings that are going to stand the test of time. With some savvy planning, you can save on costs from the outset simply by getting the right number of lights for the space. Energy-efficient solutions, such as LED light bulbs, are well worth the investment, as these are likely to cost much less to run and last significantly longer than standard halogens before they will need replacing.

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