Showers Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re tidying up the family bathroom or putting in a stylish shower room, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to finding the perfect shower. So if you don’t know your walk-ins from your walk-throughs, or you’re not sure which shower system is right for you then we’ve got it covered in our showers buyer’s guide!

Why should I opt for a shower in my bathroom?

Where would we be without showers? Showers are a modern convenience we’ve come to know, love and let’s face it, depend on to get us through the busy and stressful weeks. Gone are the days of piling into the tub for a weekly bath, instead, we’ve come to love starting the day by hopping into a refreshing cascade of water.


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I want to know everything about... shower trays

When thinking about a new shower for their bathroom, many people think that their choices are limited. But actually, there are loads of different styles all designed to suit your needs. Whether you’re redesigning the ensuite, putting in a shower room, or simply don’t have space for a bath or shower bath, then a shower enclosure is a stylish option that gives plenty of space for a comfortable shower.

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I want to know everything about... shower enclosures

Every bathroom is different and choosing the right shower enclosure to suit both your needs and the space can be complicated - particularly if you’ve got an awkwardly shaped room to work with. So whether you’re designing a contemporary shower room or putting in a separate bath and shower in a large room where there’s space to share, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got the answers here!

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I want to know everything about... walk-in showers

Walk-in showers are the cutting edge of modern bathroom design. Promoting an almost open-plan style of bathroom, a walk-in shower is a fresh, contemporary and luxurious addition to the home. If you’re thinking of designing your own spa-like sanctuary at home, then we’ve got all the information you need to design the perfect walk-in shower.

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I want to know everything about... frameless showers

A frameless shower provides a true taste of indulgence. These minimalist designs make an elegant addition to contemporary and designer bathrooms. A frameless enclosure promotes clean lines and a sense of space, giving a modern, fuss-free design. For those serious about showering, there’s no better option than a spacious walk-through shower.

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I want to know everything about... quadrant showers

A quadrant shower can provide you with an enclosed haven within your bathroom in which you can shut yourself away from the world for a refreshing showering experience. Fitting neatly into the corner of your bathroom, a quadrant shower is the perfect solution for those with the snuggest of bathroom spaces. 


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I want to know everything about... wet rooms

A wet room is the ultimate deluxe, contemporary bathroom, almost guaranteed to add value to your home. Taking inspiration from continental-style bathrooms, a wet room is a spacious and open plan shower room that’s easy to use, easy to clean and will continue to look stylish and elegant for years to come.


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Which shower system should I choose?

There’s nothing more satisfying than ripping out an old, sub-par bathroom for a new, contemporary design that offers a luxurious showering experience. So if you’re putting in a fabulous new shower, you don’t want to end up standing under a trickle of water, or washing in water that’s either boiling hot or freezing cold. That’s why it’s important to install the right shower system for your design, which will give your new shower the very best performance.

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Shower jargon buster

There are lots of words and phrases used to describe showers and fittings, and we don’t expect everyone to be as fanatical about showers as we are. So here’s a quick guide to some of the most commonly used words for showers, associated fittings, and their meanings.

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