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I want to know everything about... D-shaped showers

D-shaped showers are a stylish yet cost-effective solution for smaller bathrooms and ensuites. Carefully designed to stand the test of time, the D-shaped shower is a space-saving and cheaper alternative to other types of enclosures, which provides the maximum radius to shower in comfort. If you’re considering investing in a D-shaped shower enclosure, then here’s everything you’ll need to know. 


What are the main benefits of a D-shaped shower?

Unlike square or quadrant units, the D-shaped shower sits along one wall, taking up the minimal amount of space. However, by design, the radius allows plenty of space for a comfortable shower, yet the enclosure won’t impinge the space in the room.  





How does the D-shaped shower work?

The enclosure shower sits tightly along one wall, and has a depth of 920mm to offer a substantial amount of space so you can shower in comfort. It’s ideal for bathrooms where space is limited as the doors slide in the enclosure rather than opening out and into the room.

The doors and enclosure is well sealed to ensure water stays inside the shower, preventing excess water from splashing onto the bathroom floor or other furniture and fittings in the room.  

Which spaces is a D-shaped shower more suitable for?

If you’ve got a small bathroom which doesn’t offer any space for a shower, or an awkwardly shaped room, with no right-angled corners to suit a quadrant or offset-quadrant shower enclosure, then a spacious D-shaped shower enclosure is a great alternative. The D-shaped shower is also ideal for ensuite bathrooms, creating a modern and elegantly designed shower room.

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