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I'm on a tight budget... can I still find a cheap shower that I'll love?

When the time comes to update your bathroom, we know that not everyone will be creating a statement bathroom or spa-like sanctuary or have the cash to splash on a deluxe bathroom. But, even if you’re on a budget, there are lots of ways to give your bathroom a modern makeover without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

If it’s time to fit a new shower but you have a tight budget to stick to then here are some ideas to give your bathroom a modern makeover.

Create your dream shower room for less

If your shower is still functional but looking a little tatty from limescale or a build-up of water deposits, then a cheap and quick fix is to simply replace the shower head, rather than install a new shower system or enclosure. Limescale can build up quickly and prevent water from flowing freely from the shower head. A replacement shower head will not only look much smarter, but will give your shower a new lease of life.

Another quick (and very cheap) fix is to replace your old shower curtain and give the tiles and fitting a good clean (check out our cleaning guide for tips) to remove soap scum and mildew.

If the time has come to replace the shower system itself, then an electric shower like our Mira Multi Fit is an inexpensive system that, in some cases, you can fit yourself to cut down on plumbing costs. A mixer shower is a low-cost alternative, however, this will need to be fitted by a plumber, so be sure to include this cost in your budget.

You can add the finishing touches to your shower space by adding nifty shower storage, such as inexpensive soap storage baskets, to store all your soaps and shower products. These space-saving storage solutions are ideal for making your bathroom clutter-free and will fit easily into the shower without intruding on your space.

For more ideas about buying bathroom accessories on a budget, check out our guide here*

Elegant, affordable shower enclosures

If low profile design is what you had in mind, then why not check out our Basics range of shower trays? Created with a 40mm low profile design, these compact shower trays are manufactured to a high standard but boast a low price tag and come in a range of sizes and styles.

Shower enclosures in our Benchmark range are of the highest quality, whilst also being elegant and stylish in appearance. Your shower will get plenty of use during its lifetime, which is why all our shower enclosures are built using high-quality aluminium frames and up to 8mm tempered glass.

The Benchmark shower enclosures come in range of sizes. If you’re limited on space, you can match any Benchmark hinge or slider door to the enclosure.

Alternatively, you might opt for our SmartLine showers, which have a particularly timeless aesthetic appeal. The showers in this range offer slightly more flexibility for your new bathroom design and are ideal for those looking for something a little more striking, without incurring too much additional expense.

The SmartLine showers are created using polished aluminium frames, which create a very sophisticated appearance. They’re also low maintenance and, like all our showers, are extremely durable.

Updating your bathroom doesn’t need to break the bank. With a few quick fixes - from replacing taps and shower heads, to simply giving the space a thorough clean - you can quickly revamp your bathroom even if you’re on a strict budget. When it comes to replacing fixtures and fittings, there are a variety of options available if your pocket isn’t deep.

It’s recommended to invest in quality products that are affordable, as cheaper products might be ill-fitting and result in breaks or even leaks which will only cost your more money to put right in the future.


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