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Which shower should I choose for a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms can be problematic; whether they’re an ensuite or guest bathroom, or if it’s the main bathroom in the house, finding the right fittings for space can be quite the conundrum. But there are lots of ways to create a stylish and contemporary space that’s both spacious and functional by using a few clever design tips.

Shower baths* are a good way to go if the space doesn’t allow for a separate bath and shower enclosure. If there isn’t enough space for a full sized tub, then a sophisticated shower enclosure could be a more viable option.

Limited space shouldn’t limit our creativity, because smaller bathrooms can be designed with style and panache.

Here’s a quick guide to stylish and contemporary shower solutions for small bathrooms.

Make use of corners and recesses

Quadrant and corner units are ideal shower enclosures for small spaces. Because they fit snugly into corners and recesses, they’re space saving solutions that still offer a comfortable amount of space inside. Our smallest 800mm quadrants are an ideal space saver, as are our 760mm square trays.




Space saving and stylish D-shaped showers

If you’ve got an awkwardly shaped bathroom, with no suitable corners to fit a quadrant or square unit, then a D-shaped shower enclosure is the perfect solution. The D-shaped shower unit sits tight to the wall, with the radius of the D-shape enclosure providing ample space for an invigorating shower.

Create a continental style wet room

By their design, wet rooms typically work better in larger spaces, however, with the right amount of design savvy, you can create a luxurious and contemporary wet room that does away with shower trays and shower doors, even where space is limited.

In smaller spaces, you’ll have to consider using either a shower screen or curtain rail to prevent other furniture and fittings in the bathroom from getting soaked by the shower spray!

If you’re considering fitting a bath in your new bathroom, then check out our article about choosing the perfect bath for a small space*

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