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I'm looking for a bidet tap... what are my options?

Once you have chosen the perfect bidet, you need to think about the final finishing touch to complete the look and feel of your suite – but what options do you have when it comes to selecting the perfect bidet tap? There are a number of different designs on the market, covering both traditional and more contemporary styles.

As the vast majority of bidet basins designs incorporate a single tap hole, most bidet taps are built to fit the mixer tap. Bidet taps can vary in that some have dual levers and some feature a pop-up waste function, as opposed to conventional free flowing drainage systems. Many models feature an anti-splash for optimum comfort.

Most bidet taps require only a minimal amount of pressure, meaning that any household can benefit from a bidet no matter what kind of drainage system you have. Our bidet tap guide outlines the features and benefits of the products on the market to help you make the right decision.

Dual lever bidet taps

For ultimate control over the temperature of the water flow from your bidet tap, you may want to go with a dual lever design. The Space dual lever bidet mixer features a crescent moon shaped spout, and has a futuristic feel, meaning it will look right at home in a modern suite. If you are going for a more traditional bathroom, then there are also models that feature vintage style levers, which are clearly marked with ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ – this Bensham bidet tap can add a touch of class to any suite.

Single lever bidet taps

For a more streamlined, minimalist look, you might want to opt for a single lever bidet tap. These models feature one lever which can be turned left or right to achieve the desired temperature, and come in a variety of different shapes and styles. There are sleek, block style designs which will give your suite a modern, art-deco feel, and curved models which are more at home in a bathroom with traditional styling.


Pop-up waste bidet taps

Whether you decide to opt for a single or dual lever bidet tap, there are models which come with a pop-up waste feature. More often than not, this will incorporate a lever on the back of the tap enabling you to drain away the water, as opposed to a standard, free-flowing drainage system. A pop-up waste facility therefore gives you the option to fill the bidet basin with water if required.
So now you know all there is to know about the different styles of bidet taps on the market, you can make an informed decision as to which one will complete the look of your suite. If you haven’t done so already, find the perfect matching bath tap here or peruse our basin tap range here.

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