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I'm on a tight budget... can I still find cheap taps that I'll love?

Putting together your bathroom suite on a tight budget may involve being more frugal with your spending, but don’t assume it means you have to scrimp on style too. There are plenty of low-cost options which can still produce fabulous results and a suite you can be proud of.

Bathroom taps are no exception, and there’s a wealth of designs to choose from, whether you decide to go traditional or contemporary. If you want to find cheaper taps that you will love, then look no further than our handy guide.

Budget basin taps

The Flow basin mixer tap may be low on price, but it’s not short on style. It has a sleek, futuristic appeal that will add a touch of class to your finished space. With its arched spout and smooth, rounded base, its minimalist style is sure to grab the attention of your guests.

The Sky basin mixer tap with flip top waste offers an interesting mix of old and new. It has smooth contours and an elegant faucet, combined with a single lever which can be swivelled to reach the desired temperature and flow. This tap can function with both low and high pressure water systems, making it a viable option for any household.

For a stylish, modern twist on the traditional pillar tap, take a look at our Contour model. Made from solid Virgin brass dipped in chrome, the Contour is built to last and its sleek, compact design sits well in a range of different suites.

If you are going for a modern vibe in your new bathroom, then the Planet mini mono basin mixer is a great way to add a touch of opulence to even the smallest of spaces. With one lever to operate the flow and temperature, its angular design is totally compact and comes with a built in aerator.

Budget bath taps

There are some brilliant low-cost options available for bath taps, and a Contour mono bath shower mixer  offers even more value for money. Combining a stylish and compact one-lever monobloc cartridge, it also comes with a wall-mounted shower handset, meaning even more money in your back pocket.

Decking your tub out with a modern art-deco finish doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. The stylish and sleek Parador bath pillar taps have a distinctive design for modern bathrooms. Combining a square base with smooth, curved edges at the top gives these taps a contemporary sophistication, and means they will match both straight and curved styles in other bathroom fixtures.

For a more vintage style, then you might want to seek out the Trinity bath pillar taps, which are dual faucet with separate hot and cold handles. These taps will look great in a period bathroom suite, and have a certain Victorian opulence that you wouldn’t expect at such as low price.

Budget bidet taps

Although bidets are still considered by many to be more of a continental trend, they have been catching on in the UK for some time now. There are some great looking bidet taps out there, and the Metro bidet mono mixer is no exception. With its gently curved spout and shiny chrome finish, it lends its look to a more futuristic vibe, so will sit comfortably in a modern space.

If you want the convenience of a handy pop-up waste function, then the Contour bidet mixer comes with a lever on the back that allows you to do just that. Using monobloc technology, this petite and affordable tap can operate with low or high pressure, and is built to stand the test of time.

So there you have it – a bathroom suite on a budget can still be a beautiful and relaxing space without straining your finances. As well as the aforementioned options, we have a whole range of taps that offer as much style as value for money.

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