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Every bathroom design is different: some are elegant and ornate, others clean and simple. The style and design you go for is one of many decisions to make. When it comes to bathroom design, there are many choices to make and this is especially true when it comes to tiling your space. Indeed, you may even want to consider skipping the tiling in certain areas and employing SplashPanels instead.

What materials are used to create SplashPanels?

SplashPanels are laminated MDF boards, often made in a similar way to porcelain tiles but differ in that they have a high pressure laminate surface. SplashPanels are remarkably strong and dense enough to make them impervious to water.

By design, they can be used in the dampest of rooms and areas, which includes showers, behind baths and even behind basins. With this in mind, SplashPanels can replace tiles in these areas and do not require grouting, ensuring the clean lines of modern bathrooms.

Budget savers

SplashPanels are one of the most cost-effective ways to waterproof your bathroom walls and wet installation areas. They can cover quite a large area, and the cost of individual splash panels averages within the range of £100-170. If you want to cover a corner area, then you will need to double this price. However, if you are on a budget, you can also purchase quality splash panels for £70-90 each.

Because they do not require grouting, splash panels cut costs even further. You will still need to use adhesive for installation, of course. You can also complete your SplashPanels with affordable finishing strips, corners and joints. Typically, these run in the region of £25, ensuring that you can add interesting details to your bathroom no matter what kind of budget you have.

Getting the most out of your splash panels

Due to their versatility, you can use splash panels in your bathroom in whichever way suits you best. If you have an exceptionally large bathroom or one with many interior corners, you can create a dramatic effect using splash panels.

One of the most popular ways to use a SplashPanel is for the backdrop for a shower. You can opt for a single panel against a flat wall, with a shower head and controls installed. Or, if you have a corner that you plan to transform into a shower, a pair of matching SplashPanels will make short work of creating a sensational space.

Large bathrooms with feature bathtubs standing away from the wall are wonderfully offset by a splash panel on the wall behind it. Not only will this protect your wall from direct splashes, but it will also add visual appeal and control steam, too. A single panel is all you need in this area to create a dramatic effect while ensuring protection of your walls.

Finally, wash bowl and basin areas also benefit from the style, grace and protection of splash panels. Positioning these behind the installation of your features and sinks creates a modern, dramatic effect.

The benefits of using splash panels in your bathroom

SplashPanels are 100% waterproof as well as being remarkably durable and strong. They don’t require grouting, and so are relatively fuss-free to fit. Because they are large panels without grouting, they are easier to clean than tiles and are completely hygienic. It’s worth taking some time to consider the style you’re going for and if SplashPanels are going to be the best option for your design.

Remember that SplashPanels add to the style of your bathroom. Although SplashPanels are exquisite on their own, they do look remarkable when paired with tiling. Consider creating features by contrasting splash panels with mosaic tiles, such as a complementary or a monochromatic pairing, to create something truly unique for your bathroom.

Splash panels can do so much for your space, but they should always be considered along with the other materials in your bathroom. Take some time to consider wall and floor tiles for your bathroom – and if you need a bit of help, then check out our dedicated guides to wall tiles and floor tiles. 

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