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I'm on a tight budget... Can I still get cheap tiles that I'll love?

Everyone wants their home to be a comfortable space that’s well-designed to suit their lifestyle. This is especially the case with your bathroom, and it might even be the place to start. After all, a dated or unhygienic bathroom can detract from the overall feel of the rest of your home.

Remodelling your bathroom can be a costly exercise, and while tiles are the ideal choice for a bathroom, they can be an expensive option. However, if you don’t have the budget for top of the line tiles, you can still achieve the look you want for less.

Which type of tiles should you consider?

Tiles are made with a variety of materials, including natural stone and glass as well as ceramic and porcelain tiles which are made in the same manner. This variety of the different materials used means there are a wide range of tiles to suit different budgets.

Because ceramic tiles are manufactured (rather than quarried), they’re typically the least expensive option on the market. Due to the way they are manufactured, you can find ceramic tiles in just about any colour, size and finish. Often, the larger tiles offer slightly better value for money due to their size.

Work with your budget rather than against it

In addition to considering ceramic tiles, you may want to take a look at splash panels for the key areas of the bathroom. These are not just affordable options - they are also incredibly stylish.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you don’t necessarily need to tile every wall in your bathroom. If you have your heart set on a more expensive style of tile that your budget can’t really accommodate, then you can always tile just one or two walls and paint the remaining walls with moisture-resistant paint.

Whatever your budget, it’s worth investing in well-made tiles that are durable and able to withstand years of bathroom use. When working to a strict budget, it’s tempting to compromise and go for the cheapest option, however, this can often end up costing more in the long run if your tiles damage easily. The rule of thumb is to invest in quality, affordable tiles.

Whether you’re fitting an elegant ensuite or a functional family bathroom, you’ll find a tile to suit your design. Check out our tile ranges here.

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