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Can I put the toilet in the corner?

If your bathroom is small, has a distinctive shape or you simply want to make room for a larger feature item, fitting a toilet into the corner may be a perfect way to maximise the space available. Though they require a slightly different kind of installation to other toilets, they are still relatively easy to have fitted.

With the help of this guide, you should be able to determine whether a corner toilet would suit you and your bathroom.

How they fit

Corner toilets are built with a triangular cistern, which means they can slot neatly into the corner of the room. Due to their position within the room, it would be tricky to have a cistern fitted into the wall; almost all corner toilets are close-coupled rather than back to wall or wall-hung.

The installation of corner toilets is slightly different than for toilets which fit flat against the wall. The pipe has to bend to fit through one of the nearby walls or floor rather than protruding out backwards, as this would take it through the corner of the room itself. 

Since trying to fit the pipe through a flat section of wall or floor is a lot easier than trying to bend it through the corner, in this case you will need a trained hand to make sure your corner toilet is fitted properly.

You should have total confidence in your bathroom fixtures, which is why bathstore offers an installation service to help get your suite up and running. The installation takes up to ten days from start to finish, and is started within 28 days of your initial purchase. Every installation comes with a five year guarantee, which should give you complete peace of mind. Requesting an installation is very quick and easy – just click on our ‘installation enquiry’ button on the right-hand side of the screen, or you can discuss this with a bathstore representative in one of our bathstore shops.

How they look

Corner toilets are made by bathstore to match as many different styles as possible. Their style is what you would call ‘timeless’: they will look at home in both a contemporary and traditional bathroom, big or small. Typically, they are made in white so as to enhance their flexibility in terms of style. All bathstore corner toilets come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure of their high quality and durability. As they are smaller than other toilets, they tend to need less time for installation.

Furthermore, because they are relatively compact in build and design, they are more water-efficient than other toilets through using smaller cisterns, which is obviously ideal for both the environment and your bills. This is because the cistern is slightly smaller because of the triangular shape, and therefore stores less water, meaning that less water is used to clear the pan. Corner toilets from bathstore are fitted with a dual flush system, which makes the toilet roughly 50% more water efficient than regular flushes, so you can be sure that your water usage will be reduced by a significant amount.

Where they can go

Corner toilets are, of course, a fantastic way of saving space. However, this doesn’t mean they will only look good in smaller bathrooms – they could also be a great way of saving space in a larger suite if you want to make room for a larger feature, like a freestanding bath or deluxe shower. In smaller bathrooms, ensuites or cloakrooms, they are obviously ideal for maximising the limited floor space.

You could really make use of all available corners by pairing a corner toilet with a corner basin!
For more suggestions about how to pick the perfect toilet for a small space, take a look at our dedicated guide.

Bathrooms of any size could benefit from a petite, corner toilet. This will free up more floor space for larger bathroom features, or give you those few square inches that you require to make a small space look bigger. Either way, they are efficient, practical and stylish, and can be an excellent addition to any bathroom suite.

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