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I am on a tight budget... can I still get a cheap toilet that I'll love?

A toilet is an absolutely essential item in your bathroom suite, and since they can last a very long time, it is often worth investing in a quality product. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to cost a fortune; indeed, there are plenty of items available from bathstore that have a reduced cost but not at the expense of reliability.

You can buy good quality toilets relatively cheap and you can be sure that they will look right at home in your suite, doing their job with style.

What styles can you get for a small cost?

Any bathroom suite style can benefit from a low-cost lavatory, since the least expensive options are usually built in a very elegant and timeless fashion, meaning they will match a modern bathroom suite just as well as a traditional one. Almost all toilets are made in white and the least expensive ones are no exception.

This makes them very easy to pair up with other bathroom fixtures, since white matches pretty much anything! In short, having a cheap toilet does not mean a lack of style. You still have the choice between curved lines and sharper ones, so if you are after one particular look over another, you can be sure that there will be a low-cost option available.

In terms of the types of toilet that you can buy on a budget, you can find all three main styles at the lower end of the price spectrum. Back to wall, close coupled and wall-hung toilets are all available for a low cost, giving you a huge range of options if you’re looking to kit out your bathroom.

When you say ‘cheap’…

At the very lowest end of the price spectrum, you could spend as little as £30 on a good quality toilet. There are plenty of options available for under £100 in any of the three main styles, such as this back to wall one– , or this close coupled toilet.

Keep in mind that there might be additional costs for wall-hung and, potentially, back to wall toilets; since the cistern is fitted separately with these two types of toilet, this is also sometimes sold separately, so the cost of toilet itself may not be the full cost that you will be spending. Furthermore, wall-hung toilets require a wall-mounting frame onto which they can be secured, and this will incur even more costs. The most cost-effective single units are the close coupled toilets, which have the cistern attached to the toilet itself.

Another cost you will have to consider is the toilet seat. These are frequently not included in the price of the toilet and will have to be bought separately. Be sure to check when buying your toilet whether or not the seat is included. If you do have to buy one separately, these can still be very low-cost, with some available for as little as £15. Low-cost does not mean low-quality, with some durable and stylish seats available for a very reasonable price [insert link to here].

Looking for quality

Many people think ‘cheap’ instantly means ‘poor quality’, but this is not always the case. All bathstore toilets are stain and germ resistant and, regardless of cost, they are made to the highest standard with good quality materials. Many of bathstore’s budget toilets come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure of their durability and reliability despite their small price-tag.

Buying a toilet for your bathroom suite can be relatively low-cost. For well under £100, you can buy a good quality, stylish toilet that will be both practical and durable, as well as matching the overall décor of the room. Whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot, there will be a perfect toilet for you.

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