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I want to buy a water-saving toilet... what are my options?

In the UK, we are becoming more and more concerned with reducing the impact we have on the environment, including how much water we waste on a daily basis. Toilets make up around 30% of the water use in a house, resulting in an estimated two billion litres of water usage in the UK every day, according to waterwise, but if we invested in water-saving toilets, this could be reduced. A water-saving toilet can also save you a considerable amount of money. For these reasons, and more, a water-saving toilet could be the perfect addition to your bathroom suite.

How water-saving toilets work

Water-saving toilets come with a unique dual flush system, which allows you to choose between a full and reduced flush. Reduced flushes can use up as little as three litres of water, whereas the full ones use roughly six litres, which is the standard flushing volume in a regular toilet. This means that water-saving toilets can be up to 50% more efficient, helping you save an awful lot of water and money.

Furthermore, water-saving toilets typically have a larger ‘trapway’ (the technical term for the hole at the bottom of the toilet through which water disappears). This means that less water is required to clean the pan, so you will use less water every time you flush.

How water-saving toilets look

In short, these toilets look exactly the same as regular ones. You can buy a water-saving toilet in any of the three key styles of toilet: close coupled, back to wall, and wall-hung. With back to wall and wall-hung toilets, the cistern and flush panel are typically purchased separately, so be sure to check you’ve got the water-saving versions of each before getting everything fitted.

To find out more about the main types of toilets check out our handful buyer’s guide.

Like almost all other toilets, these water-saving ones typically come in white, which makes them very easy to match with any bathroom suite. The range of styles will also help you make your suite more efficient, whether streamlined and contemporary or soft and traditional. You can purchase water-saving toilets in a range of sizes, so you can fit them into any space, be it big or small.

Looking after the environment needn’t cost you a fortune; in terms of cost, water-saving toilets are by no means the most expensive option. Indeed, some are available for as little as £60! Most of them fall into the bracket of £150-£250, but you can of course spend more or less than that.

All bathstore toilets are made to the highest quality; water-saving ones are no exception. As such, you can be sure that whichever toilet you choose will be durable and stain resistant, as well as easy to clean. These toilets from bathstore come with at least a 10-year, up to a lifetime, guarantee, so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Having a water-saving toilet can reduce the amount of water used in your bathroom and help you cut down on how much you spend. Since they are available in a range of styles and sizes, it is easy to kit out any bathroom suite with a toilet that combines efficiency and practicality.

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