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I'm interested in bathroom furniture which combines a toilet with a basin

For a really nifty way of saving space in your bathroom suite, you can opt for a toilet and sink unit. This has both toilet and sink fitted into the unit, concealing all pipework and making the fixtures look neat and tidy. They’re not just for smaller bathrooms; they can look great in larger suites too, making extra room for other bathroom features such as freestanding baths.

However big your bathroom, a toilet and sink unit can combine two of your essentials into one compact unit, creating extra space as well as using the existing space wisely.

How and where the toilet fits in

As one of the two main components of these units, the toilet is a big thing to consider. Toilet and sink units generally only work with back to wall toilets, with the cistern concealed behind the panels of the unit. The pipework is also hidden within the unit, so the only part of the toilet you will actually see is the bowl at the front. The flush button is usually fitted into the side panel just above the toilet itself, making it easily accessible. You can get to the cistern by removing the top panel, which is very easy to do.

What about the basin?

The basin fits into the countertop of the unit, normally on the other side to the toilet and above storage solutions – like drawers or cupboards. Typically, basins come in two types - inset or semi-inset. Inset basins are completely encased within the countertop, whereas semi-inset ones are only enclosed on three sides – the front sticks out from the unit slightly. Both options are space-saving, but if you are really limited in room, it may be more practical to opt for an inset basin. Both angular and rounded basins will work in this capacity, but wash bowls cannot be inset, so these will not be suitable.

Interested in an inset or a semi-inset basin? Find out all there is in our comprehensive basins buyer’s guide.

How do the units look?

These units can be extremely compact, built with just one small cupboard under the basin and a slim-line countertop. On the other hand, they can be real statement pieces, with two or more cupboards and a wide, roomy countertop. As such, there is a toilet and sink unit to suit your bathroom, whether you have loads of room to spare or you’re working with limited space.

Toilet and sink units primarily come in white, but are also available in wooden tones, such as oak or mahogany. They are usually either made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard) or MFC (melamine faced chipboard). All toilet and sink units from bathstore are made to the highest quality, sealed at the edges to limit any possibility of water damage so you can be sure of their durability.

In terms of size, they are all of a similar height – around 80 centimetres - since the basin has to be in a certain position in order to be fit for use. Depending on how many cupboards are built in, the units can range in width between 90 and 150 cm and can be 30-52 cm deep. The most slim-line ones will be ideal for a smaller bathroom, or if you’re looking to make more room for feature units like a large freestanding bath. You can also often choose between a right-hand and left-hand installation, meaning that your toilet and sink unit can be fitted exactly how you would want it.

Whether you’re hoping to keep your toilet discreet and neat or looking to make a statement out of relatively everyday items, a toilet and sink unit could be the perfect addition to your bathroom suite. Available in a range of sizes and colours, there is sure to be a unit that will match your bathroom perfectly.

If you want more information about these units, take a look at our bathroom furniture buyer’s guide.

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