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bathstore celebrate world environment day with launch of fully functional silent loo app



London, June 2016- Today, after months of anticipation, bathstore has released the Silent Loo App, the app revolutionizing bathroom behavior. What began as an April Fools Hoax is now real, thanks to the ongoing demand by the public. The new Smart Phone app is designed to protect one's modesty in the bathroom as well as the environment by creating a selection of sounds designed to drown out unwanted bathroom noises. These include Niagara Falls and Costa Rican River, and as the media took hold of the story, social media conversation and demand for the app has skyrocketed.


Now, ahead of World Environment Day on June 5th bathstore can proudly announce that demands for the app have finally been met, and they have today released a fully functional, real life version of the app available on iphone and Android. Production of the 'Silent Loo' app is a true testament to bathstore's unique relationship with their current and future customer base and the retailor now encourages those who want to save water yet hide any embarrassing bathroom noises to download the app for free.


Research carried out by the bathroom retailer revealed that up to 75% of water used in the bathroom is wasted each year through unnecessary tap running. This translates to billions of litres of wasted water each year and bathstore are proud to pay testament to World Environment Day this June 5th with the official launch of the official 'Silent Loo' app now available for download via the app store and Android Playstore.   




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