8 storage ideas for small bathrooms that will change your life

So many products and accessories, yet so little space; how does one fit so much into a small bathroom? Having a modestly sized or even miniscule suite is incredibly common, but it doesn’t have to be a problem.

We’ve got some big ideas for your small bathroom that maximise even the most modest of spaces without compromising on style - and you don’t need to break the bank. Check out our eight top tips and you’ll discover that size doesn’t matter when it comes to your perfectly petite suite.

1. Top drawer 

Whether you have some room under your basin or a spot next to the toilet, drawers are an obvious but efficient way to create much more space than meets the eye. Having a drawer directly under your basin means that your favourite cleanser or towel is always within arm’s reach.

For maximum storage, there are many vanity units which can sit pretty underneath your washbowl and boast several drawers and in some cases, cupboards. If you have a little bit more space to play with, there are numerous standalone vanity units which can accommodate all your bathroom essentials, enabling you to achieve a clutter free, minimal look.

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2. Contain yourself

Whilst your bathroom design might say minimalist, your ever-growing array of shower gels, body scrubs and creams may say otherwise. Pretty wicker baskets provide a practical storage solution that’s as easy on the purse strings as it is on the eye.

You can even get creative and hunt down some vintage tea, coffee or biscuit tins in your local thrift shop. They can add bags of character to your suite whilst also storing unsightly items such as ear buds and cotton wool.

3. Shower caddy

Clear valuable shelf space in your bathroom by investing in a decent sized shower caddy. Some models are large enough to carry your entire family’s showering essentials, giving the rest of the suite a more clutter free, minimalistic look.

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4. Smart shelving

Shelving units are so versatile in that you can have them installed in a number of places in and around your bathroom to store essentials. A couple of shelves can sit above your bathtub, where they can be piled with towels and toilet rolls. You could even get super smart and install one under your basin, where you can keep baskets filled with vanity products and flannels.

Glass shelving units tend to be more lightweight, therefore creating the illusion of space, and blend in well with both contemporary and traditional suites. Wooden shelves are another option which can really give your bathroom a warm, natural vibe; just ensure they are treated or varnished to prevent water damage.

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5. Get stacked

Make full use of your vertical space and invest in a bathroom cabinet to store all your essentials. Freestanding units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can sit either alongside your basin, or even conveniently in the corner to maximise limited space.

Wall mounted cabinets can provide ample storage without imposing on floor space, and be placed in numerous parts of your suite. If you’re looking for a wall mounted cabinet for the space above your basin, you can opt for a mirrored cabinet which will provide a vanity solution, as well as storage.  

6. The only way is up

If you have a tiny downstairs toilet with no room to swing a cat, try installing some shelves high above the toilet itself. Here you can stack all your loo rolls, hand towels and ornaments without imposing on the limited space. Before installing, ensure that there is going to be enough space above the toilet to do this safely – you don’t want anyone to bang their head!

7. Secret storage

When it seems like the space you need for storage simply isn’t there, perhaps you’re not looking hard enough. So, if you happen to have an airing cupboard located in your bathroom, why not try use the space on the inside door to hang a caddy?

If you have some floor space underneath the basin for products and accessories, but no room for shelving, then a basin skirt could be the option to cover this area up. It will not only keep unsightly clutter hidden away from the naked eye, but helps to give your bathroom a pretty, feminine touch too.

8. Off the rails

Whilst railings are commonly used to store bathroom towels, if they are strategically placed higher up the wall, they can even be used to hang cotton organisers traditionally used to store clothing in cupboards. Here, you can stack them with towels, toilet rolls, flannels and even bath toys for the kids!

Need more storage ideas for your small bathroom? Check out our dedicated guide here.

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